Welcome Message

Itsuo Asai


Tsuyoshi Akiyama


Convenor’s Welcome Message

Hope for psychiatry to gather more smiles with the light of cultural perspective

Welcome to the Joint Congress of PRCP (Pacific Rim College of Psychiatrists) and WACP (the World Association of Cultural Psychiatry) Tokyo 2025!

PRCP was established in 1980 as an organization dedicated to addressing mental health issues in the Pacific Rim region. PRCP has provided platforms for activities such as collaborative research among young psychiatrists and initiatives to improve mental health in developing countries. This year marks the 21st edition of our biennial congress.

The WACP, established in 2006, serves as a global academic organization focused on research, education, and clinical practice in cultural psychiatry. It brings together leading cultural psychiatrists from various regions worldwide and plays a central role in advancing the field. This year signifies the 7th edition of our triennial congress.

Given the coinciding plans for both organizations to hold their congresses in Japan, we saw a unique opportunity to combine our efforts and create an even more significant event. Thus, we decided to organize this joint congress, aiming to foster exchange and collaboration between distinguished psychiatrists from the Pacific Rim countries, young talents in the field, and experts from around the world.

We invite you to join us at this joint congress in Japan, bringing together esteemed professionals in various fields of psychiatry, young talents and people from economically disadvantaged countries. We hope that this gathering will serve as a platform for networking, exchange of information, and mutual learning among leading psychiatrists.

Once again, a warm welcome to Tokyo for the Joint Congress of PRCP and the WACP, where we gather to embrace the power of hope in psychiatry. Let's make this event a memorable experience for all!

Welcome to the Preparation website of the 2025 Pacific Rim College of Psychiatrists - World Association of Cultural Psychiatry joint congress Tokyo. One of the primary purposes of an international academic congress is to provide opportunities for the participants to expand their network with international colleagues. To realize this purpose and to maximize the opportunities, we will provide matching assistance to the potential symposium organizers/presenters. If the organizers can not gather all four presenters of a symposium of themselves, please indicate us so. We will find other participants with the same interests. Thus earlier career and less established participants can utilize this congress to meet with new colleagues and to develop their network.

We also hope that the Pacific Rim College of Psychiatrists and the World Association of Cultural Psychiatry can have a significant encounter at this congress since the participants can exchange in-depth discussions on cultural aspects of general psychiatric themes and Pacific Rim particularities of cultural psychiatry issues.

Dr. Itsuo Asai and I hope this congress will bring about new developments for all the participants and the two organizations.